Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Gravy

This was our first Thanksgiving without gravy.

My Mom makes the best gravy, and last year she was still able to remember how to make it. This year she really wanted to make the gravy and we assumed she still could. After a few minutes though it became evident that she couldn't and the gravy was burnt and had to be thrown out.
Our turkey with no gravy.

At first I saw this as sad, because Mom was sad that this was the first Thanksgiving without gravy. I felt bad she was unable to make this for us. I was sad at the progression of her disease from last year. But then I realized, who the heck cares if we don't have gravy?

We have each other and we have another Thanksgiving with Mom. I will take that over gravy any day.

The holidays tend to make it glaringly obvious how your loved one has changed since the last year, and that can be hard to handle. Instead of focusing on what has been lost, you have to remember all the things you still have and all the time you were able to have together over the year. There are still many blessings in life even if you don't have gravy.


Rev. Katie

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  1. Katie, Thanks for this. It's a great metaphor too for so many things we fixate on - causing our own suffering through attachment to the past - keeping us from enjoying the moment for what it is.