Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming Together for Alzheimer’s: Fat Little 5K

I always find it so inspiring when I hear about what someone is doing to try and help people living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Often these ideas come about over casual conversation with friends and family, and The Fat Little 5K is just such an idea.

Last year, Fat Little Buddies Tavern owner Joe O’Malley happened to be talking to a friend, Maureen Loesch. Joe’s father has Alzheimer’s and so does Maureen’s mother-in-law. They wanted to do something to help their loved ones and since Maureen is an avid runner, they came up with the idea for the bar to host a 5K race and donate the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The first year of any race can be a bit stressful. You are never sure how many people will come to the race and how the logistics of actual race will work out-from advertising, registration, to post race goodie bags and events. However, last years first annual Fat Little 5K brought 250 runners and raised about $6,000!

What I love about this race is that it is truly community friendly, which you do not always find at events like this. Runners, young children, older adults, and people with dementia can all participate in some way. There is a 1 mile walk, a 5K run, tons of kids games (such as a bounce houses), food, and indoor seating in the bar where you can watch the after race events. Everyone is welcome at the race. This means we can create a truly inclusive community. Those who like to run for a good cause, caregivers, family, friends, and people with dementia.

Events like these show Mom and others with dementia and Alzheimer’s that the larger community does care about them. Not everyone who runs this race will know someone with dementia, but their participation is so valuable because it shows they care about the millions of people in our country who are affected by the disease, and they want to help.

This year, Joe hopes to get at least 700 people registered for the race. Our family will be there and we hope to see you there too!

Here is a link to the registration: Fat Little 5K Registration. Register online or show up and register on race day!

If you can’t come or don’t live in the Cleveland area, you can make a donation here: Fat Little 5K Donation Page.


Rev. Katie

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