Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Add Water

The other day my Dad was in my parents room and I heard him say "I have to take all the drawers out because they are full of water." When he came out of the room I asked him if the ceiling was leaking, and he said "No, Mom just gave the bathroom a shower."

My parents have a walk-in shower with no curtain or doors in their bathroom because my mom can't step into a tub or regular shower anymore. Somehow Mom turned on the water for a shower and instead of aiming it at her body, she sprayed the whole bathroom down with water. All the drawers and cabinets were filled with water. Enough water that it seeped through her closed pill box and melted all of her pills.

Things like this have been happening more and more recently. Random accidents that you can't even figure out how they happened. Very much like a child actually. Like when I went to the restroom to wash my hands after lunch one day when my son was two years old and when I came into the living room there was flour all over him, all over the room, on the walls, etc... And I was only gone for a minute!

It may be a bit aggravating when things like that happen, but it is also pretty funny. I mean, how often does your bathroom get a shower?

Dad amazes me with his ability to joke about these incidents, clean everything up, and make sure Mom does not feel belittled or bad because of her mistake. I am quite proud of the way he has become more patient and understanding as he cares for Mom. I also love how Mom jokes about things too and her smile still lights up a room!

When these things happen right as you are walking out the door, it is hard to handle. However, there are many times when you can, and need, to find the joy in such events. It allows us all to laugh a bit together, see the beauty that still exists in Mom, and gives us great stories to share.

May we all find the joy in even the most unpredictable of life's events.


Rev. Katie

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