Monday, January 16, 2012

Reading For Your Loved One

It becomes increasingly hard to make sure Mom's day is filled with enjoyable activities for her since her ability has deteriorated so much. People often suggest that she can read, but she can no longer see well enough to read large print material. It is not that she is losing her sight, but rather that she is seeing things differently. Words literally jump off the page and move around on her, so she just can't read anymore.
Photo by Jeff Norris

However, my Dad has started reading to my Mom, almost on a daily basis now. I have to say, it is so cute! It is great to see them spending time together and reading something that they can then both talk about later.

Sometimes we are unsure about offering to read to someone for fear of treating them like a child, but many people really like to be read to. It can allow them to find enjoyment in reading again if they can't read on their own and often listening to someone else read is a relaxing and comforting experience.

I think it is great that my fast paced Dad takes time to sit and read with Mom. It shows how much he loves her and likes to care for her.


Rev. Katie

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  1. This is precious. Thank you for sharing. My mother had alzheimers for about 15 years. I remember one time she was reading her Bible when I called her (she was in a care facility at this time) we talked awhile then she started reading aloud to me. soon she forgot she was on the phone to me and she continued to read for what seemed an infinite time. I miss her (she's been gone since June of 2010) Her Bible meant alot to her and she soon was not able to read it but hidden in her heart were it's words and far greater it's Author whom I beleive she is now with.