Monday, January 23, 2012

Moving Out

It is with deep sadness that my family and I have decided to move out from my parents house. We have been here for two and a half years and have been able to help my parents in many ways. However, I am sure all of you caregivers know, 24/7 caregiving can be very hard to handle. It takes up a lot of your life and while you feel honored to do it, it also takes a tole.
Photo by Jeff Norris

For my family- me, my husband, and son,-it was becoming too hard for us to maintain our life and be live-in caregivers as Mom's care needs have significantly increased. We have discovered that we need our own space in order to create a strong family unit for the three of us.

We are only moving 2.5 miles away and we will still be helping to care for Mom. This actually allows for some help to come into the home and we have found a great caregiver who likes to do projects with Mom. She has worked as a nurse with the elderly population and really knows how to communicate with Mom and engage her in projects. I think this will actually make Mom's life more joyful as she will have more things to do and enjoy.

I do wish we could remain living with Mom and Dad as we love them very much and want to help as much as possible. It makes us sad to know we won't be here all day for them. However, as all of us children need to remember, our parents want us to be happy and healthy-they want what is best for us. Our parents never want us to give up too much of our lives or ourselves in order to care for them. Mom and Dad are supportive of our decision and are looking forward to having us take over some of the big family events in our new house.

We have had many good times living with dementia and we feel honored to have been able to take this journey with Mom and Dad on a daily basis. Jeff and I have learned a lot about family, love, and life by the example of my parents. We are so appreciative of all they have taught us and how close we have grown together. We are looking forward to the ways in which we will still be able to help them in the future in our new home.

I will of course continue to keep up on the blog since we will still be caregivers for Mom. It will be interesting to see how this change goes and what new roads lie ahead for all of us. 


Rev. Katie


  1. Katie, I commend you for making this difficult but important choice. It's impossible to provide care for the ones we love if we aren't healthy and happy ourselves.
    Love and blessings as you transition into this new phase.