Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Everyone Is An Artist

We have expanded the ArtCare for Dementia program that we run from the Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation for Brain Health to include other forms of art besides just the TimeSlips storytelling. Today we had our first papercrafting session and it went really well.

I have been scrapbooking for years and know how fun and meditative working with paper can be so I wanted to bring that to our ArtCare participants. I also needed to think of something that would be simple to do no matter how well your organizational skills were working or your manual dexterity. I wanted everyone to know that we are all artists.

Today I brought different scraps of colored and patterned paper and let everyone tear the paper up and glue the strips onto a white background. Then I cut those collages up in squares and mounted the squares on colored notecards. When you describe the project, it is hard to imagine the beautiful artwork that will be created out of the collages, but just look at these pictures to see what everyone made. The collages turn out to be mosaic and kind of a stained glass effect squares that can be set off wonderfully by a colored background.

The best part of all this was to see everyone have fun with the collage and really see their smiles once they saw their notecards. Projects like this really show how if we just let our imagination go, we can all create beautiful art. The purpose of our ArtCare programs is to bring joy into people's lives, and I think we really did that today.

This is a project you can easily do at home with your loved one with dementia. Then they have cards to send people for birthday's, anniversaries, etc... or put them into stacks of 5 cards with a bow around them and you can give them away as presents.


Rev. Katie

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