Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Effects of Blogging

While it has only been about a week, we have noticed quite a few effects on our lives from writing this blog.

One unexpected result is that it has brought us closer together as a family. Mom mentioned that she used to think we felt she was “lazy” and we didn’t believe she was sick. The blog has helped her know what we feel and it has shown her how we do take her illness seriously. My son has also become more involved as he sees this as our story which he can participate in. I like that we sit down as a family each day and read the posts together and discuss if we want to change them or if we are comfortable with what they say. This process also enables us to review the day and talk about what is working well and what we need to do better.

The blog has gotten over 500 hits in the past week, which is encouraging. I hope this means that the blog is something which will help other dementia patients or families of loved ones with dementia. How big that effect will be is still yet to be determined.

I have also received some feedback from some of our friends about the blog. They say the blog is helping them know more about what life is like for us on a daily basis, which will enable them to care for Mom and Dad better.

There are a few challenges to the blog as well. As we write more and more, Mom, who is generally a very private person, worries a bit about being so public. She still wants to keep going with the blog though because she is encouraged to hear that other people in our situation might be helped by hearing our story. She is encouraged also by people who leave comments about their own experiences.

Overall, I had no idea the blog would help Mom feel more comfortable in her own home. I think what this tells me is just how important it is that we keep in communication with each other. I didn’t know we were not letting Mom know how seriously we take her dementia and that we know she is sick, not that she is lazy or trying to get out of doing things.

This blog has been a kind of spiritual practice for our family, and it has brought us many gifts.

We are all looking forward to seeing how this blog effects all of us in the future, not only our family and friends, but all of the people we are yet to meet through the wonders of the internet.


Rev. Katie

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