Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Sign Here

Today Mom needed to sign some legal paperwork, and she could not sign her name. It was heartbreakingly sad. It made her cry, to loose such a seemingly simple ability. What must it feel like to loose the ability to sign your own name, to identify who you are? This was not a signature on a card which I could do for her. This was a legal document, important to what she wants for her life, and she could not sign it. She could not dictate on her own what she wants for her future.

A signature is a big deal in our society. Nothing is binding or official unless you sign it. In order to even have someone else be a legal signatory for you, she needs to be able to sign her name to a document stating that right, unless you have her declared legally incompetent, but she is not at that point yet. She knows what she wants, and should be able to say so.

I am sure on a less busy and stressful day, in a quiet area, she will be able to sign the document, but it won't be easy. Any stress makes it harder for her to write, and this needs to be singed in front of a notary, which means someone will be watching her. That makes her more nervous.

I just doesn't seem right or fair that Mom is losing yet another basic right and ability.


Rev. Katie


  1. :( :( :( That is a sad milestone :(

  2. I am so sorry to hear that. I do hope she can soon have a relaxed enough day to be able to sign this document and while at it sign another to allow you to be able to sign things for her when necessary, to relieve stress on both of you.

    *sends a gentle hug your way*

  3. I'm finding that each loss of my mother's is another level of grief for me. Just when I think I'm ok with the present, reaching some sort of acceptance, it happens again. Reading your blog helps me know that I'm not alone.