Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Story Continues

Each week something new happens at TimeSlips. What was really interesting to me this week was how the second story became a continuation of the first story, even though the pictures were very different! Here are our two stories from this week:

"Boy and Perfume"

Photo from the TimeSlips curriculum
It looks like he is playing a game. It looks like he has been there a long time, in quarantine. His dog is sitting in there.

The boys name is Joey. The dogs name is Samantha.

I see a doctors bag. Perhaps he is being visited by a doctor. Maybe that's why he doesn't have a happy look on his face. Joey has chicken pox.

The light is on on the nightstand, it is evening. The drapes might be closed.

He looks happy. Maybe the doctor gave him the game he has and the game makes him happy.

Joey is seven years old. It looks like there might be a bottle of perfume on his bed, maybe Shalimar with the blue crystal top. But I don't know why a little kid would have perfume on his bed. He is going to put the perfume on the dog. There is also a pretty quilt there, he must have a grandmother. His grandmothers name is Thelma.

It looks like there is a glass of milk on a plate on the nightstand. Maybe it had cookies on it and that made him happy. Thelma brought him the cookies. Joey has a blanket with him.

He has been sick for a week. The doctor is there to see if he is well enough to get out of bed. The doctor says he is getting better. He will go outside and play when he gets up. 

Photo from the TimeSlips curriculum
This is back at Joey's home, they are having a big party to celebrate that he is out of the hospital and is home. Thelma, his grandmother is there. There are a lot of desserts. Cakes, pies, bars. There is nothing other than gooey desserts there, which is good. I would take the chocolate brownies. Raspberries are good with chocolate brownies, but I don't see any in there. Ice cream would be good on the brownies, chocolate ice cream.

Joey is sitting at the table behind the two ladies. It looks like he is writing with crayons or something. The people in the background are the Ladies Aid Society at church, they are there to celebrate Joeys recovery.

It is early fall because the leaves are still green. The people look sort of dressed up, it might be after church. Maybe his sister is getting married and Joey is going to the wedding.

There is also spongecake on the table.

The woman on the left is Joeys mother, her name is Marie. The woman in the pink is Marie's sister, Joey's Aunt Alice.

There are a lot of different smells at the party-lemon, pineapple, chocolate. Marie is spooning bread pudding. One dessert looks like it is in a cookie jar. The people will eat everything on the table, there will be no leftovers.

So Joey does not get sick again, his mother would tell him "Don't go out without your coat."

The End

Rev. Katie

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